Path of Pins

Interactive Exhibition

Translating a physical experience into the virtual space is in my eyes neither possible nor sensible. Referencing a non-existent physical space only adds a layer of translation and increases the feeling of alienation for the viewer.

Instead, I want to emphasise the strength of the digital realm. During my research I discovered a lot of similarities between the concept of the fairy tale and the internet: Both work with an in-between state that is neither physical reality nor fantasy, but a possibility to embody abstract ideas. In both there is no clear border between user and producer: every participant can switch between these positions quickly and spontaneously, who was just listening is the telling their story in the next minute. I believe this is a feature of the democratic aspect of the internet: The ability to shape it on a communal basis.

To highlight these ideas I created in collaboration with a friend of mine, Robert Mondry, a virtual space that invites the viewer to not only look at the images but to actively participate in the creation of the story: They can rearrange and resize the images. This happens in real-time, so every action one participant takes will appear directly on the screens of every visitor. This creates a visual dialogue between the viewers and reiterates the communicational aspect of the fairy tale.