Nadja Ellinger is a 25 year old Photograher and Artist based in Munich, Germany. Purchasing her first camera at the age of 18, photography since then has become her true companion. In 2013 Nadja decided to pursue a formal education in photography and design at the University of Applied Science in Munich. 2015 she moved to London for half a year to work as an photography and production assistant. From 2016 to 2017, back in Munich, she began as retoucher in a local agency for international brands, while still working on her own projects. 2017 the long term project “But A Mermaid Has No Tears” was published as a book and displayed in local galleries.



I use photography to visualize my inner feelings, fears and thoughts to gain a better understanding of myself and my relationship to my environment. Lately, I’ve been engaged with the topic of fairy tales. They offer a wide spectrum to communicate about inner processes. Based on the dream interpretation of Freud and with the modern findings after Bettelheim and Kast, I create fantasy worlds that appeal to the viewer in a personal and direct way. Through the overdetermining of the symbolism, it is possible to reach the viewer in different ways and thus make the story personally experienceable. The outbreak of the immediate political and social context enables a space free of prejudice, in which one can fantasize and experience without constraints.



2018, Cafe Kosmos, But A Mermaid Has No Tears (Solo)
2017, Provisorium, But A Mermaid Has No Tears (Solo)
2017-2013, Hochschule München, Werkschau (Group)
2015, Stroke Art Fair, No Mercy (Group)




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